Revised Resources for the Nonprofit job hunt

Updated 10/25/10

Updated 3/4/09

Back in July I shared the first version of my nonprofit job resources.  Since I’ve come across a number of additional places to find job openings, I’m posting an update.  I’ve noted which ones are new.

Non-profit recruiting firms

Los Angeles community

If you live in the Los Angeles, the talent agency UTA has a non-profit foundation that puts out a non-profit jobs list twice a month. You can subscribe to the list by e-mailing UTAFoundation AT unitedtalent DOT com.  Though they don’t abuse your e-mail address, you will occasionally receive promotional e-mail for events being sponsored by the UTA Foundation.

Other resources

National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (New)

Regional NPO organizations — frequently they list openings with their members ADDED 1/14/9

National Council of Nonprofits — State Associations (state sites my list member job listings) ADDED 1/14/09

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11 Comments for “Revised Resources for the Nonprofit job hunt”


Avoid recruiters because they’re mostly senior level.

I think idealist and craigslist provide good entry-level local listings. At least they do in my area.

I feel like the bulk of non-profit openings in the past year have been development/fundraising, which is not my forte.

You might be better off working backwards and figuring out what types of causes you’re interested in and figure which groups to target. Try for some informationals and find out what the local resources are. I found a couple of job lists via word of mouth that weren’t advertised anywhere. Presumably true for other cities too.

Hope that helps!


By the way, I was wondering what you would suggest for entry-level jobs, for people right out of college. A lot of these seem geared towards people with significant experience.


Wow, Andrea thanks for this amazing and comprehensive list! Till now I’ve pretty much relied on – this will prove to be immensely helpful. Thanks 🙂


What at great resource for nonprofit job seekers!

I wanted to share another great resource. I am from Dewey & Kaye, a nonprofit consulting firm in Pittsburgh, PA. While we are not an employment agency or a placement agency, we do have a very active Executive Search division. As a free service to job seekers we have a job listing called JobsWatch available at We also have a free e-newsletter called Mosaic which is distributed twice a month. More information can be found about Mosaic at If you have any questions about these two services, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Thank you!


Thank you for including our website in your fabulous list of nonprofit career resources. I’ve not known of your blog but have enjoyed spending the last hour reading through it and looking forward to future entries.

If I may, your readers might also be interested in a book I wrote last year. It’s aimed at people moving from the for-profit to the nonprofit sector, though I’ve been told by many nonprofit leaders that it’s a great resource for any nonprofit job seeker regardless of if they are new to the sector or have been here for years.

The book is titled “Change Your Career: Transitioning to the Nonprofit Sector” and can be purchased on or anywhere books are sold. More here:

Thank you!