Job Hunting 101 | Know your competition

Not sure how to transition to a new field? Or how to apply the right industry buzz words to your experience. Can’t afford a resume writer? Get creative.

A few months ago, a contact explained how she analyzed the competition and maximized her odds of landing interviews when she first moved to town.

She posted a want ad for the type of job she sought on a public job board.  Aren’t job hunters used to sending queries into a digital black hole of no return? This dummy ad was no different.

After the influx of cover letters and resumes to a generic email address arrived, she pored through them to find the best applications.   And she analyzed the content and composition of those entries.

She applied her conclusions to her own application materials and saw an immediate bump in interview opportunities.

Obviously, it’s not an approach all job hunters could or should use given the overwhelming number of generic job postings and eager job seekers online already.  It is a reminder that you can get creative with determining how to position yourself amid the competition.

What’s the most unique approach you’ve ever taken to be a top contender for a job you really wanted?