Job Hunting 101 | Make a splash in the right pond

What cities are the hot beds of activity for your chosen industry?

How would you rank those cities in terms of employment competition for your industry?

Would you rather be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond?

Cross out cities one and two.

A friend studied theater in school.  Of her social circle, most moved to Los Angeles or New York to pursue careers in acting. But one person party moved to Seattle.  Guess who is still working in the arts over a decade later?  Seattle chick had the reel to make the move to LA and keep working once she was established and experienced.

Economic circumstances drove an artsy friend of mine to relocate back to Chicago from Los Angeles. She seems to book more work now than she ever did in LA.

What’s the common denominator? Smaller pond. Less competition. More room to shine.

If you’re just starting out, or don’t feel you’re moving up the ranks fast enough — do you have mobility on your side?  Can you go to the work?

If you’re an ambitious sort, forget looking for work in the most cut throat cities for your industry.  Find the next tier.

Move to a place where your work is more likely to get you noticed and get you promoted. And once you have the credibility and title you want, you can start shopping around for a transfer to a bigger market within your company or be a contender for new roles at prestigious outfits in those top cities for your field.

Sometimes, the best career move is a change of location.