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Inspired by Art Garfunkel’s list of every book he’s read over the last FORTY years, I’ve begun keeping my own books read list. To go back further than last year, visit 2008-2015 reads.

2017 reads

Non-Fiction (1)

Fiction (2)

2016 reads

Non-Fiction (20)

Fiction (14)

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Lee Child is one of my current can’t wait til the next one comes list. Jack Reacher’s take on life and especially the military is hilarious fun to read. If you like him, you might really like Thomas Perry. His Jane matches Jack tick for tack.


Collapse is the best book I’ve read in the past few years. I hope you a) get through it and b) enjoy it. Good luck both with the list and with the novel.


I’m glad you found me, and I hope you book mark me and come back, so you can tell me how you’re doing. Welcome to your quarterlife crisis.

It depends on what you’re looking for right now. If you need to commiserate, 20 Something Manifesto is primarily a collection of others’ twentysomething experiences, with Christine’s feedback thrown in. 20 Something, 20 Everything is really more about you figuring out what you want and how to move positively in that direction. There are considerably more exercises that make you take stock of your life, if you’re willing to journal about them. They’re both really easy reads, very conversation in writing style.

Lindsey Pollak has a book called from College to Career that covers all the things you wish someone had told you before graduating. She has a great blog over at

Lindsey, Christine, and a third author Alexandra Levit host a podcast called 30/20 Vision at

You should also check out
There are lots of 20something bloggers there focused on career and personal development for Gen Y. Sign up for a username; feel free to post in the forum there. People are pretty quick to respond and help where they can.

PS, If not the library, generally finds you your best book deals.




I wanted to know if “20 Something Manifesto” was worth reading? I’m a recent college grad failing at… well everything and could really use some reading suggestions.


I’m about 2/3 of the way through, and I think it’s really great background on how he come to run for president, and the belief systems that he realizes make him a bit different than other politicians. And he does try to reconcile that people on opposite ends of an argument actually have more in common than generally accepted, and finding compromise depends on starting with those common goals and moving forward.

Try; you post books you want to get rid of, letting others mooch them. You can do the same to get the ones you want.

What’s sitting in your book pile?


I really want to read “The Audacity of Hope.” Let me know how it is!

Also, great challenge. I should go through my books and only vow to read previously purchased ones that I haven’t touched yet. I have a book buying problem…

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