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Favorite Reads of 2023


Somewhere between 500K-1M new books are formally published annually.  It’s a book lover’s conundrum that we can barely scratch the surface of great reads, niche and mainstream, from year to year.  What kept you turning pages late into the night in 2023? Which ones were you thinking about long after slipping the tome away on a shelf, filing it away on your Kindle, or the...

Will big box closures make way for small business resurgence


Business Insider is reporting that nearly 800 retail locations for major chains are closing this year — from Bed Bath Beyond to Macys to Tuesday Mornings to Walmart. While this is likely a win for Amazon, I would like to believe there are lot of budding boutique entrepreneurs that can bring us more niche curated stores focused on value and quality, rather than deep discounts and wide...

on Author intent and sanitizing history


From NZ Herald: “Classic children’s books by author Roald Dahl have been partly rewritten to remove language now deemed too offensive. References to people being “fat” and “ugly” have been removed from much-loved works including Matilda, The BFG and James and the Giant Peach. The Oompa Loompas from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are also now gender-neutral. “ I have mixed feelings...

QOD: What have been your best overseas travel destinations?


I’m always in search of a great museum exhibit or gallery show, scoping out any stray Monet in every city I visit. So it makes capital cities a first stop in any new country — or US state, for that matter — that I visit. Berlin is a fabulous mashup of architecture history, cultures from across Europe, and an amazing arts scene of all kinds. One travel writer would prefer you hit...

QOD | Who is your favorite FEMALE STEM rolemodel?


I never missed an episode of The X-Files because… Dana Scully, of course. And the all female Ghostbusters reboot — Kate McKinnon is a comedic treasure — that whole cast showed little girls science is fun and FOR THEM. From Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media study:– Among women who are familiar with Scully’s character, half (50%) say Scully increased their...

Musings on Job Hunting


Random tidbits that might be helpful to someone other than me: When you see someone announcing they’re starting a role at a new company that you are qualified to do — check out their profile to see what company they departed from. Backfill opening could be hitting that careers page soon! Your past and future colleagues aren’t your competition. There are plenty of seats in this game of...

QOD | What were your favorite reads of the year?


While I’m typically not one for memoirs, I enjoyed several by survivors of complicated family dynamics this year.  Lisa Nikolidakis’s No One Crosses the Wolf intertwines her processing the aftermath of her father’s murder suicide with her memories of a childhood terrorized by her father’s behavior. And in Acceptance, Emi Nietfeld details her teen mental health and...

Adopt, don’t shop for your new family furkid


This holiday season #adoptdontshop. Every breed and age range from puppies to seniors is available at overflowing shelters and rescues that can’t place dogs 🐶 fast enough. Backyard breeders are pumping out litters who have no where to go. Families are dumping their covid dogs because of inconvenience and trading in the senior pups for younger models. There are sooo many animals with love ❤️...

Laid off but hopeful


Whelp. My turn. I got laid off today. Honestly, it’s been a year of bad news — mom died, caught Covid at her funeral, aunt died, broke my foot — walking, lots of unexpected expenses, got furloughed while on vacation and now formally laid off. But I’m still actually really optimistic about 2023 because it feels like this year was just burning down everything that...

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