Laid off but hopeful


Whelp. My turn. I got laid off today.

Honestly, it’s been a year of bad news — mom died, caught Covid at her funeral, aunt died, broke my foot — walking, lots of unexpected expenses, got furloughed while on vacation and now formally laid off.

But I’m still actually really optimistic about 2023 because it feels like this year was just burning down everything that wasn’t working so something new could grow.

So I’m in the market for a new Senior/Lead Program Manager or Product Operations role — I’d prefer to be an IC, but have managed folks before. Chief of Staff roles with real ownership would likely also be a good fit.

I come with glowing recommendations from both the technical and business side (see testimonials in my profile). I am looking for something hybrid in LA / fully remote. For the right next job, I might relocate with my miniature poodle sidekick, Zoey.

Additionally, I’m working on a business plan for Zoe Zoe’s | Treat Discovery for Discerning Pups, which I hope to be able to beta test in the spring.

Other that that, I am going to be taking my dog on some long walks the next 2 weeks to really dig into what I want my #2023 to be. And I’ll report back once I sort the answers.

PS. Many of my talented colleagues were cut loose today as well and would be an asset to your team. If you’re looking for folks in Product, Program, Design, or Support, I can point you in the right direction.

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