Adopt, don’t shop for your new family furkid


This holiday season #adoptdontshop. Every breed and age range from puppies to seniors is available at overflowing shelters and rescues that can’t place dogs 🐶 fast enough.

Backyard breeders are pumping out litters who have no where to go. Families are dumping their covid dogs because of inconvenience and trading in the senior pups for younger models.

There are sooo many animals with love ❤️ to give, that just need some time to decompress and feel safe in a forever home. And you can save two lives — the dog you rescue and the one that takes their place at the shelter or rescue 🛟

PS — Do right by your new dog and your family, and sign up for basic skills classes or private training with your dog. Build the bond; learn the right ways to correct or reinforce behavior so you can have a healthy relationship with your pup

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