QOD | What were your favorite reads of the year?


While I’m typically not one for memoirs, I enjoyed several by survivors of complicated family dynamics this year. 

Lisa Nikolidakis’s No One Crosses the Wolf intertwines her processing the aftermath of her father’s murder suicide with her memories of a childhood terrorized by her father’s behavior.

And in Acceptance, Emi Nietfeld details her teen mental health and housing struggles while fending for herself in a broken system that found it easier to medicate her than address how ill-suited her hoarder mother was for parenthood.  Chasing higher education as an out, she learned how play the part to create a seemingly more stable future for herself.

As a lifelong reader, I could not pass up Sunyi Dean’s The Book Eaters. Set in an alternate reality with a dwindling line of people that eat books as sustenance and means to absorb information, one woman is on the run with her divergent son who hungers for human brains instead of books.

Lisa Barr’s Woman on Fire follows a hungry young journalist on a secret investigation to find a painting stolen by the Nazi’s.  She crosses paths with an art gallery owner  who is willing to resort to violence to find it first to save her renowned art dealer family’s reputation and legacy.

And I found myself delighted by several novels with romance novelist protagonists because this year needed some escapism.

Finlay Donovan is Killing It features a romance novelist mistaken for a hit woman that winds up in over her head when she sorta takes on a murder for hire  to clear her financial debts in the midst of a custody dispute and divorce.  Everything goes awry in the most comical ways possible.  If you liked Netflix’s Dead to Me, you’d likely like the start of #Elle Cosimano’s series.

Ashley Poston’s The Dead Romantics takes a past deadline ghost writer back to her hometown after her father’s death.  She juggles being back in town that never understood her gifts with being haunted by the ghost of her book editor that has some unfinished business on the human plane. It was a sweet weekend read.

What books made your year?

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