Musings on Job Hunting


Random tidbits that might be helpful to someone other than me:

  1. When you see someone announcing they’re starting a role at a new company that you are qualified to do — check out their profile to see what company they departed from. Backfill opening could be hitting that careers page soon!
  2. Your past and future colleagues aren’t your competition. There are plenty of seats in this game of musical career chairs. It’s a matter of finding the right fit for your genius at this #opentowork crossroads. No two persons have exactly matching skillsets, because there’s no way to duplicate what makes you you.
  3. Ignore the media. There are nearly 2 job openings for every unemployed person. They challenge is that so much tech talent is on the market simultaneously that recruitment is getting logjammed given their own teams have been downsized. Patience, grasshopper.

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