QOD: What have been your best overseas travel destinations?


I’m always in search of a great museum exhibit or gallery show, scoping out any stray Monet in every city I visit. So it makes capital cities a first stop in any new country — or US state, for that matter — that I visit. Berlin is a fabulous mashup of architecture history, cultures from across Europe, and an amazing arts scene of all kinds.

One travel writer would prefer you hit up non-capital cities for a more realistic sampling of life in that country.

“While lacking the popularity and the bucket-list sights, Europe’s second cities tend to enjoy a creative edge, a strong civic spirit, a Rust Belt toughness, fun-loving eateries with cutting-edge menus, entertaining street art … and far fewer tourists, which also means lower prices, a more authentic welcome and arguably a more honest cultural experience.”

Rick Steves in Washington Post

On that front, I’d note that Valencia was a short train ride from Madrid, but a gorgeous coastal city with a bustling street art scene and some incredible architecture – historical and contemporary. And you can’t beat the amazing food, no matter where you are in Spain. 

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