Will big box closures make way for small business resurgence


Business Insider is reporting that nearly 800 retail locations for major chains are closing this year — from Bed Bath Beyond to Macys to Tuesday Mornings to Walmart. While this is likely a win for Amazon, I would like to believe there are lot of budding boutique entrepreneurs that can bring us more niche curated stores focused on value and quality, rather than deep discounts and wide variety.

It’s worked for Ojai, which has actively supported local businesses by keeping big box stores out. It has worked for the NJ suburbs of my childhood that are full of multi-generation family businesses that are institutions in down towns dotting the state.

And you see the same in some neighborhoods within major metropolitan areas. From Culver City’s The Ripped Bodice (that deals in romance novels and adjacent products) to WeHo’s Candle Delirium that specializes in all things home fragrance to Los Feliz’s Skylight Books — these small businesses are reliable members of the community that can always find what you’re looking for.

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