QOD | Who is your favorite FEMALE STEM rolemodel?


I never missed an episode of The X-Files because… Dana Scully, of course. And the all female Ghostbusters reboot — Kate McKinnon is a comedic treasure — that whole cast showed little girls science is fun and FOR THEM. From Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media study:– Among women who are familiar with Scully’s character, half (50%) say Scully increased their...

Laid off but hopeful


Whelp. My turn. I got laid off today. Honestly, it’s been a year of bad news — mom died, caught Covid at her funeral, aunt died, broke my foot — walking, lots of unexpected expenses, got furloughed while on vacation and now formally laid off. But I’m still actually really optimistic about 2023 because it feels like this year was just burning down everything that...

Supporting your work peers during uncertainty


Two suggestions for folks during an especially brutal #layoff and #furlough season: * Write Linkedin recommendations for your coworkers while their contributions are still fresh in mind. Take an hour and write notes of gratitude for the folks that impacted your work world most. Folks then have an opportunity to refer recruiters and hiring managers to timely reviews of their...

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