Will big box closures make way for small business resurgence


Business Insider is reporting that nearly 800 retail locations for major chains are closing this year — from Bed Bath Beyond to Macys to Tuesday Mornings to Walmart. While this is likely a win for Amazon, I would like to believe there are lot of budding boutique entrepreneurs that can bring us more niche curated stores focused on value and quality, rather than deep discounts and wide...

Adopt, don’t shop for your new family furkid


This holiday season #adoptdontshop. Every breed and age range from puppies to seniors is available at overflowing shelters and rescues that can’t place dogs 🐶 fast enough. Backyard breeders are pumping out litters who have no where to go. Families are dumping their covid dogs because of inconvenience and trading in the senior pups for younger models. There are sooo many animals with love ❤️...

Free meals to California kids


California is taking the lead on raising a healthy next generation. Children shouldn’t have to wonder where their next meal is coming from, and shouldn’t be distracted from learning by hunger. By making meals universally available to all school children, the state is also eliminating shame/stigma around not being able to afford lunch at school. I’ve run across far too many...

PSA to please get covid vaccinated and boosted


PSA to please get vaccinated and boosted — if not for yourself, for vulnerable friends, family, and community members whose names you may never know. My mom passed away this morning. She went home against medical advice after her second hospitalization in 2 weeks – this time for Covid – the latest in a revolving door of medical care for chronic conditions with acute episodes...

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