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Musings on Job Hunting


Random tidbits that might be helpful to someone other than me: When you see someone announcing they’re starting a role at a new company that you are qualified to do — check out their profile to see what company they departed from. Backfill opening could be hitting that careers page soon! Your past and future colleagues aren’t your competition. There are plenty of seats in this game of...

Supporting your work peers during uncertainty


Two suggestions for folks during an especially brutal #layoff and #furlough season: * Write Linkedin recommendations for your coworkers while their contributions are still fresh in mind. Take an hour and write notes of gratitude for the folks that impacted your work world most. Folks then have an opportunity to refer recruiters and hiring managers to timely reviews of their...

Recruiter fatigue & spending energy on fruitful outreach


I see a lot of posts in my feed about the value in responding to recruiters whether or not you are looking for new employment. – Even if you’re not interested in a role, you might know someone who is– Maybe this is your dream job coming knocking, and you can’t know if you don’t take the call– Maybe it affirms your current employment situation– It’s...

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