PSA to please get covid vaccinated and boosted


PSA to please get vaccinated and boosted — if not for yourself, for vulnerable friends, family, and community members whose names you may never know.

My mom passed away this morning. She went home against medical advice after her second hospitalization in 2 weeks – this time for Covid – the latest in a revolving door of medical care for chronic conditions with acute episodes.

She tested positive for Covid last Sunday, despite being vaccinated and boosted.

I am grateful to the medical professionals who kept finding another way around and through for my mom over the last 2+ decades.

I am grateful the universe gave her the dignity of dying at home, not hooked up to beeping machines in a sterile hospital room.

And I am grateful she isn’t going to suffer any more. In my last conversation with her she talked about how tired she was of “one thing after another; it never ends.” She just wanted to go home. Maybe in more ways than one.

I’m not religious, and I’m more inclined to believe your brain wants to soothe you in your final moments than that there are pearly gates and a great beyond.

But if she’s right — my mom is catching up with her badass mother who died ten years ago and is snuggling her Westie Spooky that was her shadow for nearly two decades. The uncle with a backyard Jersey “vineyard” can dote on her once again. She’s hugging a father that died while she was in grade school, making up for lost time. And she has plans to laugh and drink with her best friend who died suddenly nearly 15 years ago. Marie is free.

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