Free meals to California kids


California is taking the lead on raising a healthy next generation. Children shouldn’t have to wonder where their next meal is coming from, and shouldn’t be distracted from learning by hunger.

By making meals universally available to all school children, the state is also eliminating shame/stigma around not being able to afford lunch at school. I’ve run across far too many stories of kids publicly humiliated — their lunch thrown out when a cashiers realize the kid has a balance — as if a parent’s ability to pay should bring shame down on a kid.

What a tremendous gift to California kids!

From LATimes

Under California’s Universal Meals Program, all public school students in grades transitional kindergarten through 12, regardless of their parents’ income, are eligible for free breakfast and lunch. . . The Los Angeles Unified School District says that more than 81% of its students come from families who qualify for the federal school meal program and may be facing food insecurity. Statewide, an estimated 60% of public school students qualify.

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