Recruiter fatigue & spending energy on fruitful outreach


I see a lot of posts in my feed about the value in responding to recruiters whether or not you are looking for new employment.

– Even if you’re not interested in a role, you might know someone who is
– Maybe this is your dream job coming knocking, and you can’t know if you don’t take the call
– Maybe it affirms your current employment situation
– It’s good data gathering on your current market value

Let’s also consider that it’s OK to pick and choose who you reply to – because recruiters are also brand ambassadors.

How you’re treated during the #recruitment phase — that’s frequently the best you’ll ever be treated by a company. They’re trying to lure you in with their best foot forward.

So I struggle to understand what sort of message a recruiter is trying to send, when I receive vague messages like the below.

How can anyone know if they have any interest in a job when no information is shared? — no client name or industry, no job title, no job description, no FT/contract, no salary range.

Since this sort of post shows up in my inbox on a regular basis, it must be getting enough results that it’s in the recruiter toolbox.

But it’s a real missed opportunity for recruiters – spray and pray is not going to get you memorable conversations with quality candidates that you’ll think of 6 months down the line when the actual dream job is available. A genuine recruiter-candidate connection can carry across multiple companies.

A generic email is forgotten by the time a candidate hits delete.

PS – I did send a reply asking for more detail so that I could evaluate whether I was interested and got no response.

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